Through this guarantee certificate issued by SC BOHEMIAN SONATA SRL, CUI RO36787509, J40/15650/2016, ANPC authorization for carrying out operations with precious metals and precious stones no. B258, it is certified that Maison la Stephanie jewelry meets the parameters and quality requirements in in accordance with the legal norms in force. The offered guarantee ensures the rights of consumers regarding the sale of products and the guarantees associated with them. The certificate gives the purchased object a guarantee of 2 years from the time of purchase and is granted for manufacturing defects demonstrable by expertise. The warranty is provided by repair or replacement, as the case may be. Also, for 2 years, any Maison la Stephanie brand jewelry benefits from a free professional polishing and cleaning service in our workshop. Jewelry that shows signs of misuse or any sign that may indicate the defect could be caused by something other than a manufacturing problem is not warranted. In this case, the repairs will be carried out for a fee. This warranty certificate certifies that the jewelry is made of 925 silver or 925 silver plated with 18K gold. Product care recommendations: With careful care and proper storage, jewelry retains its beauty for years. • Silver can change color depending on the pH of the skin or if it frequently comes into contact with agents such as perfume, salt water, detergents, creams, hairspray, chlorine or sulphur. If the jewelry loses its luster or changes color, you can clean it with special substances for cleaning silver, to restore its color and shine. • Avoid contact with chemicals as they may erode the material. • Wear jewelry with cut-out pendants encrusted with stones or pearls with care, as their mounts do not withstand mechanical shocks. • We recommend proper storage of jewelry, in closed boxes, away from high temperatures and humidity. Thank you for your trust and we want you to enjoy your jewelry as much as possible.